RS1-3PACK (Bag of 3) Liquid Waste Bags & Tow Tab Case

$12.00 $7.00

RS1-3PACK (Bag of 3) Liquid Waste Bags

1 pack contains 3 Liquid Waste Bags with tissues.

The RS1 contains super absorbent polymers and enzymes that will absorb a full 20 ounces of urine. The wide opening with semi-rigid rim allows for easy use by men or women. The one-way valve prevents spillage should the used bag be accidentally dropped. RESTOP contains the odor as well as the waste. The blend of polymers and enzymes eliminate odor.

Tow Tab Case:

A compact biodegradable towel tablet that turns into an all-natural, biodegradable and additive-free towelette with just a pinch of water. Each tablet starts as a ¾-inch in diameter tablet and turns into an 9″ × 12″ towelette with water. Comes in a 4 compartment case with a water tank and refill roll of 10 TowTabs. No sting, no dried out skin, no slimy feeling after use and no dried out wipes at the bottom of the box.


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