The RESTOP line of products is useful for anyone who spends long hours away from restrooms.

Whether you’re in a vehicle or in nature, there’s going to be a time when you need to go.

  • Outdoor Lifestyle

    Whether you’re hiking, camping, fishing, or kayaking, RESTOP products can be disposed in any trash receptacle, causing no harm to the natural environment!

  • Emergency Situations

    Make RESTOP products a vital part of your emergency kit. With the extra-long shelf life of the RS1 & RS2, keep them with your flashlight, batter-powered radio, and important papers.

  • Sports & Concerts

    Tailgating at the big game? Attending the latest concert? Pack RESTOP products and leave the bathroom worries behind.

  • Car Rides

    RESTOP is the perfect backup plan in case there’s a traffic jam or the next rest area is too far to make it.

  • Kids, Special Needs, and Seniors

    If bladder control is an issue, RESTOP provides a sanitary restroom option anytime, anywhere and alleviates the worry of making a mess.

  • Boating

    If you don’t have a restroom below deck, provide a convenient option when you’re far from shore.

  • Park & Environmental Workers

    Whether you’re conducting field research or trekking through a trail, it’s a good idea to keep RESTOP products within reach.

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How To Use RESTOP Products

Restop – Bears do it and yes, so do we

Primitive camping is a fantastic experience. Getting away from all the people, noise, traffic…getting in-tune with nature. Speaking of nature; it calls. I spoke to Lou Ortega of Restop the other day about his product, a portable commode that aligns itself with the Tread Lightly principle of  doing your part when camping and packing out your waste.  Read Article