The RESTOP line of products is useful for anyone who spends long hours away from restrooms. Whether you’re in a vehicle or in nature, there’s going to be a time when you need to go.

  • Outdoor lifestyle – For those who feel the most at peace in the great outdoors, RESTOP products provide peace of mind. Whether you’re hunting, fishing or kayaking, there’s no need to worry any longer about causing harm to the natural environment.
  • Emergency situations – Keep these with the flashlight, battery-powered radio and important papers. With the extra-long shelf life of these urine bags and other products, they can sit until they have to be used.
  • Sports and concerts – You never really know what you’re going to get in terms of cleanliness when it comes to stadiums and smaller venues. There might not even be anything to use at all. Pack RESTOP products for tailgating before the show and leave the bathroom worries behind.
  • Car rides – The RESTOP line takes up such little room in a vehicle, it’s a good backup plan in case there’s a traffic jam or the next rest area is too far to make it.
  • The very young, adults with special needs and seniors – all occasionally have problems with bladder control. RESTOP provides a sanitary restroom option anytime, anywhere and alleviates the worry of making a mess.
  • Boating – Not every boat has a huge cabin below deck. RESTOP products provide a convenient option for those times when you’re far from shore.
  • Park and environmental workers – Any time conducting field research or trekking through a trail, it’s a good idea to have some RESTOP products within reach.
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Kids’ sports


Traffic issues




Hunting and fishing

Boating and rafting


Emergency situations

Truck drivers

Shelter-in-place situations


Park services


Guide services

Environmental organizations

Trailer companies

The elderly

Manufacturing facilities located in Southern California.

Most of our products are made in the USA and tested to be safe and nontoxic. Even the National Park Service and militaries from around the world have seen the advantage that using our products provides.


Some may ask, “What’s wrong with a tree?” More than most people realize. Environmentalists and researchers have studied the damage that human waste, which can contain chemicals, pharmaceuticals and resistant strains of bacteria, can cause to nature. Rest assured the RESTOP line of products is safe to use and easy to dispose of. Toss a few RESTOP bags in your tackle box, camper or wherever you need them and leave nature the way you found it. The Earth has taken care of us. It’s time to return the favor.

Health Reasons

“Holding it” can cause a host of problems, including urinary tract infections, kidney stones and incontinence. Keep a supply of RESTOP bags on hand to go when needed and save yourself from needing a trip to the doctor’s office because you held it too long or wandered off the beaten path to get some privacy, only to brush up against poison ivy or wander into a nest of something. That’s definitely not good for your health!

RESTOP guarantees a sanitary restroom option anytime you need one … because you brought it with you.

Easy to Use

RESTOP can be used by men, women and even children and is no more complicated than using a regular toilet or portable john. Throwing out the waste is easy as well since it’s approved for landfills in all states in America.