Yes. All RESTOP bags and assorted other products are unisex. They can be used by anyone, any age.

They come packaged to withstand travel. They can be carried with you and exposed to the elements, without being damaged.

We’re happy to send Restop products to Hawaii, Alaska, & Puerto Rico! If you need an order shipped to any of these states, please email us directly with your order and shipping address to

Each leak-free bag seals easily and can be discarded in any trash receptacle.

Sure. All the enzymes and polymers are tested to be safe when used properly. The bags have multiple safety features to prevent leakage.

Because there might be a beehive there. But seriously, environmental studies have shown that human waste isn’t as “natural” as we think and will have a much greater negative impact on water tables, vegetation, animals and other people than most people imagine.

Yes, our ingredients are safe. And should the powders get on your skin, the worst that will happen is your skin will feel dry. And just in case that isn’t enough, to quote our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), it states the following “…this substance and its ingredients are not considered hazardous as defined by OSHA or the EPA.”

The polymers actually change the composition of the waste (containing it and encapsulating it) so that it becomes safe for depositing it in the trash can. The enzymes on the other hand, ensure and accelerate the breakdown of the urine and poop to its most basic parts.

The powder blend works best in the range of 40 – 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Since bodily waste is normally 98.6 degrees, encapsulation occurs immediately in spite of outside temperature. And yes, biological degradation does begin to slow down in very hot or very cold extremes…but guess what, so does the growth of pathogens and other microorganisms!

Unless the bag has been soiled on the outside – i.e. “aim” problems – there is no risk in handling someone else’s bag. If you properly use and seal our bags, it can’t leak. Inside, the gel is self-sealing and the enzymes break down the waste into simple salts and water, which neutralizes them. But should your bag get punctured in any way (as when your kitchen garbage bag breaks), common sense says that you should avoid direct contact with the waste (Because, yeah, that would be pretty gross). You can however, sweep it up and put into another container.

Yes, our bags can be disposed of with normal trash. But please don’t put it in the recycle bin! The bags are landfill-friendly and have been approved by your state’s water resources board for landfill disposal – they are similar to baby diaper disposal.

Virtually unlimited. The U.S. Marine Corps rated the shelf life of the product at 10 years plus! Oorah!

Yes. The Commode bucket is manufactured from heavy duty polyethylene and with a thick wall to resist becoming brittle in extreme cold or soft in extreme heat. Buckets made of this material are used to store and transport hazardous chemicals safely. You can bet our buckets won’t crack or melt either! (Side note: We wouldn’t advise cutting corners and heading out to your local hardware store either. Just sayin’.) Oh, and the seat is also manufactured from an industrial-grade polyurethane to also resist damage or degradation due to extreme temperatures.

During the U.S. Marine Corps’ product approval process, they tested it at 300 pounds for 12 hours (Get this, a giant panda weighs 300 pounds!).

Even though it weighs in at about 7 1/2 pounds, it’s water repellant, non-conductive and flame resistant. And check this out, the Everest 98 Environmental Expedition used six of them for four weeks at 18,500 feet. They withstood below freezing temperatures, driving wind and snow, yak stampedes and intense radiation from the sun. And after all that, there was never a problem.

When setting up: Hold the Privacy Shelter with the hinged joints pointing straight up. Now spread the legs out so you can see the black pull string on the black center hub. Lift up the Privacy Shelter by center pull string on the hub and the Privacy Shelter will extend out in the correct position. Straighten out the poles until they snap in place.

When breaking down: Zip the door closed first before breaking the Privacy Shelter down. Start at the top section first disengaging the hinges by sliding the black collar down enabling you to fold the legs in one at a time and repeat until all four legs fold up to the center hub. Wrap Privacy Shelter around the fold legs and stuff in bag for storage.

Don’t worry. The gray opaque fabric was particularly selected to prevent this even in full sunlight conditions. So no, no one can see you through the shelter. The zipper locks from the inside to keep looky loos out.

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