This year, social distancing has made the concept of vacationing look very different. That doesn’t mean your family, planned trip can’t happen. In most cases, people just want to get to their destination. But, have you felt that way: “If I find a way to get to where I’m going without having to use a public bathroom, everything would be fine.” There are many reasons why using public restroom facilities is a turnoff. There is a solution!

Creating your own RESTOP

It’s no secret the pandemic makes everyone uneasy. That’s why having your own containment system that’s environmentally safe works wonders. RESTOP products create opportunities for you and your family to enjoy your activities while avoiding public facilities.

Using waste bags helps with recycling in different ways based on the type of bag and how it’s used. One of the most confusing things when protecting the environment is determining what will help and what can harm the environment. That’s where compostable and biodegradable items come into play.

Compostable and biodegradable? What does it all mean?

Compostable items help the environment by being able to recycle those natural materials into rich soil. Compostable materials must have access to oxygen and are being turned over on a regular basis. In most instances, compostable materials should end up in a compost pile, and compostable items are biodegradable.

Biodegradable items are close to compostable but the items break down naturally and don’t cause harm. Items can be biodegradable but not compostable. A great example a of biodegradable waste product is the TowTab Classic, which is a towel tablet that turns into an all-natural towelette with water. There is also the TT-Case TowTab Case, which has 4 compartments, a water tank, and refill roll of 10 TowTabs.

Where should I use these types of items?

When it comes to sanitation and staying safe, RESTOP waste bags can be used when you’re outdoors enjoying nature. You won’t have to worry about finding a bathroom because you’ll have your own private one with you. Other uses for waste bags and RESTOP products include:

  • Car rides – Imagine going on a long car ride and you need to go. There’s not a rest stop in sight. You won’t have to worry because you have waste bags with you.
  • Emergencies – Cars and other motor vehicles break down every day. If you have urine and waste bags in your trunk, you won’t have to worry about whether you or someone else can “hold it” until help comes.
  • Special needs – Small children, senior citizens and those with special needs may have an accident if they don’t reach bathroom facilities in time. This alleviates that worry.
  • Boating – There’s nothing like being on a boat that doesn’t have a bathroom and there’s a long wait in getting back to shore. Waste bags eliminate the fuss.
  • Park or environmental staff – Working in the field? There’s a good chance someone will have to use the bathroom at an inopportune time. Having a portable restroom solution on hand makes sense.

All of these scenarios can occur when trying to spend time with the family during this pandemic. Even if you have an RV, you can still use waste bags to avoid the extra mess. The RESTOP liquid waste bags break down waste within the waste bag with activated gelling with urine. With the ability to absorb 20 ounces of urine, there is no odor or spillage.

Let’s face it – #1 is not the only issue when traveling or unable to find a safe and clean bathroom. When you have to do #2, there’s a solution. The RESTOP solid waste bags can be used for both urine and solid waste and come with antimicrobial wipes and tissues. Designed to safely contain and neutralize human waste through waste activated gelling, this is a great solution when traveling with friends, family, or by yourself.

Although the pandemic has created a laser focus on keeping distances and being skeptical about public restroom facilities, being able to travel doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Order your items online or visit a RESTOP retailer to use environmentally safe products while on the go.