This year’s Lollapalooza is at Grant Park in Chicago. There will be 8 stages and over 170 bands from all over the world. With live performances by headliners like Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, The Chainsmokers, Tampa Impala, Twenty One Pilots, Janella Monae, The Strokes, and more, it’s no wonder Lollapalooza tickets have been known to sell out in under a day.

Another thing to love about Lollapalooza is its aim to spread environmental awareness. Lollapalooza takes great pride in its sustainability efforts. Because the festival takes place in Grant Park, its nature setting reminds all concert-goers to think about their environmental footprint and how to preserve the park’s beauty.

One of the best ways to support Lollapalooza’s initiative is by minimizing the waste you leave behind, and that includes human waste.

Lower Your Impact by Packing Out Your Waste  

Beyond the impressive music line-up, Lollapalooza’s Chow Town is also something that can’t be missed. If you’re not a local, it’s your opportunity to try Chicago’s best restaurants that will offer more than just typical “carnival” food. Supporting local vendors is another great way to support sustainability. Nonetheless, indulging in all the food and drink will result in having to go to the bathroom at some point.  

Because Lollapalooza is such a massive music festival with an expected attendance of over 160,000 people, it couldn’t possibly accommodate on-site camping. With no opportunity for camping, this massive crowd will be forced to swarm the same restroom facilities.

Public porta-potties are hotbeds for disease, bacteria, and fungus. Fortunately, there’s a more sanitary solution to porta-potties; it’s also environmentally friendly and the portable bathroom solution used by campers, environmentalists, and nature lovers.  

The RESTOP Personal Lavatory System comes with everything you need to meet your bathroom needs; it’s like carrying your own portable restroom stall. The system comes with a privacy shelter, a commode with a full-sized seat, and a supply of waste bags. Waste Bag is an industry standard term that stands for ‘Waste Alleviation and Gelling’ Bag.

You can set up the privacy tent just about anywhere like the parking lot right next to your car. The whole system stores easily in most trunks, making it easy for you to bring anywhere. The privacy tent sets up in a snap. For your comfort, the commode is the height of a regular toilet and even comes with a comfortable, full-sized seat.

RESTOP waste bags boast non-toxic materials that are landfill-safe. The waste bags are odor-free thanks to its unique blend of polymers and enzymes that convert wastes into a deodorized gel. Because the bags are puncture-resistant and spill-proof, you can store them in your bag without fear of a leak.

See how RESTOP’s product lines are must-haves for every music festival enthusiast, especially supporters of sustainability and limiting your impact on nature, and check out shop.