As far as music festivals go, the Governors Ball is legendary amongst music festival enthusiasts. After all, not only does the festival boast an impressive lineup of artists each year, but it takes place right in the heart of New York. The whole festival is visually stimulating with the iconic skyline making a spectacular backdrop for the stage while art installations surround the site.

With an annual attendance reaching 150,000, expect a lot of fun and opportunities to connect with new people from all over and bond over a mutual love for live music and delicious food.

Concert Ground Porta-Potty vs. Waste Bag

The upside to Governors Ball is live music and plenty of delicious food and drink. The downside is that indulging in all the food and drink means you ultimately need to pee or poop at some point. Because Governors Ball attracts thousands of people, you can also bet there will be crowds and long lines everywhere, particularly at the bathrooms.

The majority of attendees agree that one of the worst things about the music festival experience is the dreaded porta-potty. Everyone knows they’re filthy, stinky, and teeming with germs. But without any other option, they hold their breath for as long as they can and do their business – all the while, cautious not to touch anything and risk contaminating their hands and bringing home a disease.

Whether you’re camping out at Watch Hill on Fire Island or staying at a hotel, there’s no need to leave the fun for better bathroom facilities. By packing portable waste bags, you’ll always have a clean bathroom within reach.

The Restop RS1 contains super absorbent polymers and enzymes that can absorb a full 20 ounces of urine. It has a wide opening with semi-rigid rim allows for easy use by men or women. It even has a one-way valve that prevents spillage should you accidentally drop the bag. Once you’re done, seal the bag shut and throw it away in any trash receptacle.

Need to go number two? Restop has a portable waste bag for that too. The RS2 uses a patented triple layer barrier “bag within a bag” design and the same polymers and enzymes used in the RS1 that neutralize solid and liquid waste. Each waste bag even comes with ample toilet paper and a moist antimicrobial wipe.

Make the best of Governors Ball by packing a portable Waste Bag with you to NYC!