Whether you’re lining up for a program, a purchase, or to be the first to gain entrance, Comic-Con is notorious for its lines. Comic-Con gets bigger and bigger each year, drawing in more than 130,000 people in attendance at the San Diego Convention Center. 

Veteran Comic-Con fans have made line-waiting an art. You’ll see Trekkers, Whovians, Jurassholes, Zorndogs, Hodorks, and more braving the lines together. If you’re a first-timer, prepare for a line that’s over a mile long and filled with hundreds of people willing to sit it out for as much as 24 hours. There will be people in sleeping bags, bean bag chairs, and inflatable couches camping out overnight to be the first to get those coveted convention programs and purchase spots. 

But what happens when you’re in line overnight and the convention doors don’t open until 9:30 a.m.? While there are plenty of establishments with running toilets in the area, there’s no guarantee they will be open all night or willing to accommodate outsiders. If you’re lucky to find a business that’s open and will allow non-customers to use their bathroom, expect there also to be long lines. Some people who have tried to use the facilities at the nearby Hilton and Starbucks reportedly waited a whole hour.

Waste Bags to the Rescue

By packing a waste bag along with the rest of your Comic-Con essentials, you will always have a bathroom solution within reach. The RS1 is RESTOP’s disposable liquid waste bags. Waste Bag is an industry standard term that stands for ‘Waste Alleviation and Gelling’ Bag. 

The RS1 contains a superior blend of absorbent polymers and enzymes that are activated by liquid wastes. The polymers and enzymes not only breakdown the waste and converts into a gel, but it also eliminate odor. The waste bag can hold a full 20 ounces of urine and comes with tissues. 

Thanks to the RS1’s wide opening with semi-rigid rim, it can be used for both men and women. It also has a one-way valve to prevent spillage should you accidentally drop it. Because the RS1 is puncture-resistant, spill-proof, odor-free, and landfill-safe, it can be disposed of in any regular trash receptacle.  

If you’re a con-goer who has decided to park their car nearby, you may consider bringing a personal lavatory system. The RESTOP Personal Lavatory System is like having your own restroom stall that you can set up anywhere. It comes with a privacy shelter, commode, and enough waste bags to last you 72 hours. 

You can set up the whole thing right next to your car without taking up too much space. Thanks to the tent’s lockable zipper that operates from the inside and opaque color that provides complete privacy, it can even double as a changing room as you change into your best Comic-Con costumes.

For more on how RESTOP helps you survive lines at the events where being one of the first to enter guarantees the best experience, please visit our product page.