Self-contained disposable toilets provide safe, clean options for victims and crews while sanitation systems are not functioning.

ESCONDIDO, Calif.,  – The accumulation of human waste has always posed a major threat to public health as a horrible aftermath of serious natural disasters – including the most recent hurricanes, Harvey and Irma. To help reduce the catastrophic spread of disease during recovery efforts in areas affected by these recent storms, the use of disposable toilet products such as those from Restop are encouraged to provide sanitary solutions for human feces that can be safely disposed in landfills.

A Southern California manufacturer, Restop, has given an array of its portable sanitation solutions to J.C. Delivery, a trucking company in Texas supporting Hurricane Harvey clean-up efforts, and to Pandora Adventures, who is providing humanitarian aid in impacted areas, so their teams have access to hygienic facilities that keep the environment clean.

“Human waste in the soil and water supplies following a tragedy like Hurricane Harvey can contain infectious bacteria, posing very real health dangers to humans,” said President and Chief Operating Officer Restop Jim Goode, “Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the recent hurricanes, and we hope our solutions assist relief workers so they can continue their critical support.”

The solutions the company provided include:

  • RS1 liquid waste bags that hold up to 20 ounces of urine yet are small enough to fit into a pocket, glove compartment or backpack
  • RS2 solid and liquid waste bags, which feature a “bag within a bag” design to contain and neutralize both liquid and solid waste
  • Restop Commode and optional full-size toilet seat that provides a solid base for the Restop waste bags
  • Restop Privacy Shelter, a collapsible shelter that can be used to create a portable restroom stall

“Our relief workers are able to take care of themselves and the environment while helping others thanks to the Restop products we received,” said Sean Sykora, owner and president of Pandora Adventures.

J.C. Delivery was also a partner of Restop’s utilized to give relief in the hurricane stricken areas.

To assist members of affected communities during hurricane season, Restop is offering 20 percent off purchases through its website at Restop products are also available at retailers throughout the country (see for a current list) and at some national parks. For more information about Restop solutions, visit

About Restop

Restop is a division of American Innotek, a privately-held company. Restop specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative, portable human waste disposal products. Its ISO-certified manufacturing facility is located in Southern California. For more information about Restop solutions, visit

About J.C. Delivery

J.C. Delivery, Inc. is a leader in electronic office equipment logistics. With headquarters in Carrollton, TX, J.C. Delivery, Inc. provides value added transportation, warehousing and specialty handling services on a national basis. For more information, please visit

Pandora Adventures

Pandora Adventures was started with the intention of promoting community and conservation in the outdoors. Through years of sharing their thoughts and interests with like-minded outdoor enthusiast and learning from others, the company believes that the key to achieving their goal is to nurture the Caring Capacity in individuals. For more information, visit