St. George’s first race in 1977 had only 58 participants. This year’s marathon will accommodate about 7,400 runners. However, any runner knows that race day can be unpredictable. Anxiety can play a huge role in your body’s regular function, like needing to use the bathroom. Race day jitters can become worse as you begin to worry about standing in the long porta-potty lines and lose precious race time to a bathroom break.

Ease Race Day Jitters with Your Own Bathroom Stall

If you’re participating in the St. George Marathon this year, the best way your family, friends, or even trainer can support you is by bringing a portable lavatory system. They can easily set it up at the designated pit stops, allowing you to skip the porta-potty lines. If you’ve been training extensively over the past few weeks and have an idea at which point you will have to pee or poop, you can ask your support team to set up the portable lavatory system at specific mile markers. 

The RESTOP Personal Lavatory System sets up in a snap anywhere; it’s like carrying your own portable restroom stall. The Personal Lavatory System includes privacy shelter, commode, and enough waste bags to last 72 hours.

Unlike a porta-potty or outhouse, you wouldn’t be relieving yourself on a toilet with a tank that collects sewage. Instead, the commode is lined with an RS2, RESTOP’s portable waste bag solution for liquid and solid wastes. 

The portable waste bag boasts a sturdy, puncture-resistant design that seals securely. It contains a sophisticated blend of polymers and enzymes, also known as waste alleviation and gelling technology, that activate when wet, breaking down and converting the wastes into a deodorized gel. RESTOP waste bags are odor-free and spill-proof. Because they are landfill-safe, you can throw them away in any regular trash bin.  

For your comfort, the commode is the height of a standard toilet and comes with a full-size flexible toilet seat. It includes a tight-seal screw-on gamma lid to make transport along the race’s route easy and sanitary. 

The Personal Lavatory System’s privacy shelter is sturdy and collapsible. Thanks to its quick-connect joints, it sets up and breaks down quickly. Because the tent folds into a convenient shoulder carry case and can easily be handled by one person, your supporters will have no trouble taking it to your next pit stop.

To learn more about how RESTOP’s line of products offer solutions to common marathon challenges, check out our pop-up privacy shelters, portable commodes, and waste bags.