According to the Automobile Club of America, 3 out of 10 American families are still planning on traveling during the holiday season despite the pandemic.

Below are six practical tips on how to travel safer this holiday season.

Expect to Improvise

Set realistic expectations. Life happens. Spouses argue over which route is fastest. Kids get grumpy. And car sickness is a reality. Not everything is going to be the same as the trips you have taken in the past. Skip the sentimental stop at your favorite diner this time around.

Get your fellow road trippers on the same page, and it can be an adventure instead of a headache.

Check for COVID Travel Advisories

States, counties, and cities determine their COVID-19 protocols. There is no national standard. Rules for travel, schools, and businesses vary. Similar to traveling during unpredictable weather, you need to be aware of changes ahead.

  • The CDC website keeps track of the last seven days and cases reported.
  • Map your route on your phone. Google is continually updating COVID-19 Advisories.
  • Stock up on PPE: Masks, face shields, hand sanitizer.

Try Not to Stay with Family or Friends

COVID-19 spreads through aerosols. That means that the longer you stay near someone, the more likely you will share the virus if one of you is exposed (and not showing symptoms.)

Be strong. You might have to arm wrestle your family and best friends to get them to agree that staying at a hotel is for the best.

Know Your Vehicle

Things you should know how to do before you leave the driveway:

  • How to change a flat
  • How to check the oil
  • How to put on snow tires

You should also check your Emergency Roadside Kit to ensure you are Road Warrior Ready.

New RV driver? Dealers sometimes have classes. Check with the manufacturer’s YouTube page on how to maximize safety and drain the sewage tank.

And practice! There is nothing worse than getting stuck on the side of the road, discovering that you don’t know how to get the hubcap off your tire… or worse, that your spare is flat.

Avoid Public Restrooms

Take a tip from experienced Alpine Hikers. Use an environmentally friendly, hygienic, and safe travel alternative to questionable public facilities. And no, we do not mean the side of the road.

  • COVID-19 can last on surfaces for up to 5 days
  • ALL viruses survive longer in colder climates

The Restop RS2 can keep you away from potential COVID-19 hotspots. As a portable toilet alternative, it packs easy, locks away the smell, and after use, you can dispose of it in any trash can. RESTOP also has a privacy screen for your car so that you can do your business in private.

You never have to see the inside of a nasty gas station bathroom or spidery pit toilet. Ever. Again.

Embrace Outdoor Areas

You have arrived at your destination! As much as you want to have all the hugs, keeping social distances is a crucial defense to limiting exposure and slowing the spread of COVID-19. If you are meeting up, make that meetup happen outside.

Here’s some pro-tips for a fun, outdoor meetup:

  • Outdoor heaters and fire pits can turn any front porch & yard onto a cozy outdoor living room
  • Confirm your destination has a park with fire pits or BBQs and make a reservation.

Remember, enclosed spaces increase the spread. Making the outdoors more hospitable is how we can stay safe and see our loved ones.

COVID-19 cases across the US are surging as this is written. Don’t be a part of the spread from state to state. If you have to travel, take these extra precautions to protect yourself, your family, and your fellow travelers.

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