Waste Bags: What are they and how do they work?

Waste Bags are a portable, sanitary, and environmentally friendly toilet solution that includes absorbent polymers and enzymes. These polymers and enzymes, also known as Waste Activation Gel, absorbs and solidifies both liquid & solid waste. Basically, your pee and poop is breaks down to get rid of all the chemicals that it has so you can simply throw it away!

Waste Activation Gel technology promotes the “leave no waste” philosophy. The polymers & enzymes actually change the composition of the waste so that it can be safely disposed in regular trash bins and is landfill safe. Remember, please pack out all of your waste and dispose of properly.

Environmental studies have shown that human waste isn’t as “natural” as we think. Human waste can contain chemicals and resistant strains of bacteria that will have a much greater negative impact on water tables, vegetation, animals and other people than most people imagine. This is why portable Waste Bags were created.

Breaking down Waste Bags

A Brief Overview of Waste Activation Gel Technology

Be Ready to Answer Nature’s Call

Restop Products That Utilize Waste Activation Gel Technology

RESTOP is useful for anyone who spends long hours away from restrooms.

Whether you’re in a vehicle, on the sidelines, or in nature, there’s going to be a time when you need to go. Uses include: people with outdoor lifestyles, emergency situations, sports and concerts, park and environmental workers, car rides, very young adults with special needs and seniors, and boating.

Restop – Bears do it and yes, so do we

Primitive camping is a fantastic experience. Getting away from all the people, noise, traffic…getting in-tune with nature. Speaking of nature; it calls. I spoke to Lou Ortega of Restop the other day about his product, a portable commode that aligns itself with the Tread Lightly principle of  doing your part when camping and packing out your waste.  Read Article