Environmentally-friendly disposable travel toilets by Restop.com offer a practical solution.

Escondido, Calif., – Busy roads. Nowhere to pull over. Kids in the car. Labor Day road trips can quickly turn into an unpleasant experience when someone in the car has to go to the bathroom and there isn’t one available.  Restop (www.Restop.com) offers easy-to-use sanitary, environmentally-friendly solutions, starting at just $3.40. Sized for convenience, their single-use travel toilets, RS1 and RS2, are small enough to fit in a glove compartment.

Unlike the unsanitary ‘pee in a bottle’ solutions of the past, the RS1 and Rs2 safely contain waste by solidifying polymers and enzymes, thus, leaving no mess or spillage. The used product can simply be disposed of in any trash receptacle, as it is completely landfill-safe.

American Innotek’s President and Chief Operating Officer Jim Goode commented, “Since we are based in Southern California, we know all too well that traffic back-ups due to a holiday, accident or just heavy commuter volume can prevent cars from pulling off the road, sometimes for hours on end. Just like putting snacks and water in the car for a road trip, tossing a RS1 and RS2 in the glovebox can make the trip much more pleasant in case of an unexpected situation.”

Busy travelers aren’t the only ones to find Restop’s products handy. Hikers, aviators, boaters, truckers, hunters, fishermen, backpackers and athletes are among some of the many other people who use these top-rated, environmentally-friendly travel toilets.

Restop products can be purchased at www.Restop.com, at retailers throughout the country (see www. restop.com/retailers for a current list) and at some national parks. For more information about Restop solutions, visit www.Restop.com.