From earthquakes to floods to wildfires to tornadoes, natural disasters can hit a community when they least expect it and with little time to evacuate. Because a disaster can happen anytime, schools need to be prepared before, during, and after a catastrophe.

Disaster preparedness experts advise citizens to turn off their natural gas, water, and electricity immediately after a disaster because these utilities can potentially be life-threatening when damaged. After a disaster, gas leaks can cause fires, and water can become contaminated. Exposed power lines can also lead to fires and even electrocution. 

Keeping students safe is school officials and teachers’ biggest priority. In the aftermath of the disaster when there is no power and running water, there’s no telling how long teachers and students will have to remain in the school. At some point, kids will need to use the bathroom. Therefore, schools need a safe and sanitary solution for students to relieve themselves.

Keep Kids Safe with Portable Lavatory Systems

If each classroom kept a portable lavatory system in storage, everyone waiting out the storm in the school would have a bathroom solution on-hand. They wouldn’t need to hold it in or leave the safety of their classrooms to wander the dark hallways. Also, because the water has been turned off, the toilets and sinks wouldn’t run anyway. 

The Restop Personal Lavatory System includes a privacy shelter, commode with full-sized seat, and a supply of waste bags. Waste Bag is an industry standard term that stands for ‘Waste Alleviation and Gelling’ Bag. Waste bags offer anyone who may be trapped in the school or waiting out the storm a convenient and hygienic means to urinate or defecate. 

The RS1 waste bag was designed for liquid waste and can absorb a full 20 ounces of urine. It has a wide opening with a semi-rigid rim which allows easy use by boys and girls. Each bag contains a unique blend of polymers and enzymes that convert the urine into a deodorized gel. 

The RS2 design has the same combination of polymers and enzymes as the RS1; the difference is that RS2 works on both liquid and solid wastes. All Restop waste bags are odor-free, spill-proof, puncture-resistant, and landfill-safe. Each bag even comes with an antimicrobial wipe and toilet paper for added hygiene. Because RESTOP waste bags are made with non-toxic materials, they are safe enough to throw away in any regular trash can. 

Because the lavatory system comes with a pop-up tent, privacy is not an issue: the privacy shelter zips and locks from the inside. The portable commode with flexible seat is the height of a regular toilet, making it comfortable to use. 

The RESTOP lavatory system is like having your own portable restroom stall; you can set it up anywhere in a snap. It only weighs 16.82 lbs and is easy to store in any classroom closet.

To learn more about how a portable lavatory system should be part of your emergency preparedness strategy, check out the RESTOP line of products.