In all the excitement to hit the road and make it in time to roast marshmallows by the campfire, you might fail to pack your bags properly, thinking that you don’t want to carry too much of a load. However, in your efforts to only pack what seems necessary, you may not be prepared for worst-case scenarios and even situations that are so common they can easily be overlooked.

You’ve got your tent, sleeping bag, and clothes. However, if that’s all you bring, you’ll quickly realize how ill-equipped you are. Here’s our list of the top five things you should never leave for a camping trip without:

1. First Aid Kit

Whether you plan to do nothing but lounge around the campsite or go fishing, cuts, scratches, and burns are bound to happen on camping trips. Someone may scratch themselves setting up the tent or scrape their knee walking in the dark.

A well-stocked First Aid kit is ideal. You should have various sizes of adhesive bandages, gauze pads or rolls, and antiseptic cream. Your kit should also contain tweezers, scissors, and safety pins.

2. Multi-Tool

Multi-tools come in all shapes and sizes. They come with scissors, a knife, pliers, a bottle opener, and different sized screwdrivers. Because you’ll be camping, you may want a multi-tool that can do more such as one that has a ferrocerium (Ferro) rod to help you create a spark to start a fire. There are also multi-tools that come with a whistle, awl, can opener, and a saw blade.

3. Lantern or Headlamp

You don’t need to stumble in the dark each time you have to go to the bathroom or find your way back to the campsite after retrieving something from the car. While flashlights are great, headlamps free up your hands and help prevent injuries.

4. Cookware and Cooking Utensils

Sure, you can always skewer the fish you’ve caught or the hotdogs you’ve brought on thin branches, but what about that can of your favorite baked beans or chili? What is you’re making eggs for breakfast? The cookware you bring depends entirely on what you plan to eat while you’re out in the wilderness. It’s always good to have at least one deep pan that you can use for multiple purposes, including heating water for coffee or tea.

Remember, not all campsites allow campfires. Be sure the check the campsite’s website before you leave. You may need to bring a gas or butane gas cooker.

5. Portable Waste Bags

We all love nature and want to leave it as beautiful as when we arrived. Don’t forget to bring Waste Bags. On average, most campers bring about 5 waste bags per 1 day. All Restop Waste Bags utilize is an industry standard term that stands for ‘Waste Alleviation and Gelling’ technology to neutralize odors. Not only are Waste Bags must-have items while camping, but you may also need them on the long drive or trek to and from the campsite.

When you’re enjoying your time and nature calls, there’s no reason to ignore it. Digging a cathole may seem like you’re genuinely ‘roughing it’ and honoring the way hardcore campers have relieved themselves in the wilderness. However, it may surprise you to learn that the most experienced campers have long stopped urinating and defecating in the backcountry.

Responsible campers everywhere are taking the Leave No Trace (LNT) challenge and committing to protect the environment by leaving no trash behind and disposing of waste properly. “Pack it in, pack it out” is ideal and the Restop Waste Bags are the perfect solution to make it easy to transport and dispose of your waste. If you choose to pee or poop in a cathole, the LNT movement recommends walking 200 feet away from any water source and trails. As most people camp out near a water source and the trails, this means walking 70 steps away from your campsite and the nearby water source to dig a hole before taking care of business.

Using a portable waste bag makes things easier because you only need to walk as far away as you’re comfortable and when you feel you have enough privacy. With Restop bags, you’ve got a convenient and sanitary way to pee or poop. It’s puncture-resistant and odor-free. It can be easily rolled up and stored away until you can dispose of the waste bag in a regular trash can.

Be prepared for your next camping adventure with our Restop Waste Bags, Portable Commode, and Privacy Shelter.