Anyone who spends a day on a boat knows that the urge to use a bathroom ultimately becomes part of the boating experience. However, being in nature doesn’t give you the excuse to use the open waters as one big bathroom just because your boat doesn’t have a bathroom.

Because human waste contains pathogens and bacteria, it’s against anti-pollution laws to throw away your poop into the water. Imagine if everyone who came to the same lake where you love to fish, swim, or throw boat parties all felt there was no harm in throwing their poop overboard.

The result would be contaminated and toxic waters where the wildlife would all die and the stench would drive everyone away. This is why there are boating regulations in place for the proper disposal of waste accumulated on boats.

The Boat’s Head vs. a Portable Toilet vs. a Portable Commode

Even fancy boats that are big enough to have permanent “head” need to wait until they’re onshore to empty their holding tank. By law, any waste you accumulate needs to be pumped into an onshore waste-disposal facility.

The laws are not much different if you have a portable marine toilet; you have to carry the holding tank ashore for disposal. Whether your boat has a permanently installed toilet in the head locker or a portable toilet with a lower-waste tank, you still need to worry about emptying the collected sewage. With boat toilets, your choices are to either hook up a hose to pump human wastes out or carry a tank filled with pee and poop sloshing around.

However, boat toilets aren’t the only available solutions when it comes to meeting your clean bathroom needs when you’re out on the water.

With a Portable Commode system, you will never be stuck with the unpleasant job of handling raw sewage. The Restop Portable Commode system comes with a commode, flexible commode seat and gamma-lid, 5 RS1 liquid waste bags, and 10 RS2 solid & liquid waste bags. Our solid & liquid waste Bags utilize ‘Waste Alleviation and Gelling’ technology to make sure your pee and poop remains odorless and can be thrown away in any trash can.

The Commode makes a sturdy base to hold the full-size flexible toilet seat. It includes a tight-seal screw on gamma-lid to store and transport your sanitation supplies on an off your boat. The Commode has been tested to withstand 300 lbs. of pressure for 10 hours so you can be sure that it will work for you.

For your comfort, the Commode is 16” high or the height of a standard toilet. If you want a more comfortable toilet seat that closes, Restop also has a Fliptop Toilet Seat that is made of rugged HDPE plastic and is designed to snap on top quickly and effortlessly.

To use, all you have to do is line the Commode with a Restop RS2 Waste Bag and do your business. The RS2 takes care of solid and liquid wastes, turning them into a deodorized gel. Once done, take out the waste bag and seal it shut. You can throw all your used Waste Bags in one designated trash bag on your boat.

After each boat trip, the least of your troubles is disposing of the trash bag full of used waste bags in a regular trash can.

To learn more about how Restop can create a fun and sanitary boating experience, checkout our Waste Bags and Portable Toilets.