If you’re headed to the High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA this July, you should know that campers are placed on a first-come, first served basis. If you oversleep or get stuck in traffic on your way there, you may lose all the prime spots to the early birds.

When the on-site camping grounds are at full capacity, the next option is off-site camping at Camp 70. Unfortunately, Camp 70 may be a whole new camping experience for you if you’re not used to dry camping. If you’re not familiar with dry camping, it means living without the basic comforts of water and electricity. For those who camp in the wilderness often, surviving without power is no biggie; however, you also know a water supply won’t be easily accessible that people struggle with most.

However, with this year’s music fest boasting a lineup that includes Dispatch, Umphrey’s McGee, Greensky Bluegrass, and Jim James, roughing it for a few days is worth it. The secret to enjoying the best possible High Sierra Music Fest experience is to come prepared.

Why You Should Bring Your Bathroom Facilities

When you come equipped with all the camping gear essentials and pack a portable lavatory system, you’ll find that camping, whether dry or not, isn’t bad at all.

Unlike most music festivals, High Sierra Music Festival is kid-friendly and even has a Family Village that welcomes children and big kids alike. If you’re bringing your little ones to partake in the festivities, activities, and camping, bringing your portable lavatory system with shower should be even more high priority.

Anyone with kids knows how often they have to go to the bathroom. The last thing you want is to walk through a crowded campsite in the middle of the night and make the long walk to the porta-potties. And as a parent, you probably don’t want to expose your children to the filthy, putrid campsite outhouses in the first place.

By packing a portable lavatory system like the Restop Personal Lavatory System with NEMO Helio Shower, you, your friends, and family don’t have to subject yourselves to the long lines or fear you’re putting your health and safety at risk.

The Restop Personal Lavatory System comes with a privacy shelter, the award-winning NEMO Helio Shower, a Commode with a full-sized seat, and a supply of Restop waste bags.

The Restop RS1 waste bag for urine and RS2 waste bag for liquid and solid waste are made with non-toxic materials that make them landfill safe, allowing you to throw them away in any trash receptacle. For your comfort, the commode is the height of a regular toilet, and for privacy, the pop-up tent zips closed from the inside. And with the NEMO Helio Shower, you have a portable shower that delivers pressure strong enough to wash your hair, hands, and gear.

Do you have all of your camping essentials for High Sierra Music Festival? Make sure it includes our Portable Waste Bags, Commode, Privacy Shelter, and Helio Shower!