Were you able to secure a coveted ticket to the ultimate psychedelic experience of the year? Consider yourself lucky as the 4-day multi-genre event that draws in thousands is completely sold out. In fact, after releasing its lineup, the festival sold out in record time.

Most of the “Forest Family” will camp out at the GA Campgrounds. Music fest organizers advise that you should pack and prepare as if you were camping in the wilderness. If you’re not a hardcore wilderness camper, you may think that all you need to bring is a tent and sleeping supplies. However, there is so much more to camping than having a place to crash at the end of each day.

Pack Smart for the 4-Day Fest and Skip the Long Lines

Your camping spot is home base for all four days of Electric Forest. It is where you will rest, get dressed, sleep, and if you’re smart about what you pack, it’s also where you can use the bathroom and take a shower in peace.

You may think it’s unnecessary to bring your own lavatory system and shower since the campground amenities include port-a-lets and showers. However, bear in mind that Electric Forest Festival draws in thousands of attendees. That means you’ll be battling it out with thousands of others who are also camping out and also need to use the campground facilities.

Depending on where your camp spot is located, reaching the showers and bathrooms could mean a long walk. After a long day of dancing, eating, and more dancing, you want to wash up, get some sleep, and recharge for the next day of festivities. More strain on your already tired feet just to take a shower to wash away the day’s accumulated grime is the last thing you need.

By bringing your portable lavatory system and shower and setting up next to your sleeping tent, you don’t have to worry about walking a long distance, long lines, or having to wake up early to beat the morning shower rush. You also don’t have to worry about the water being turned off after the festival closes.

The Restop Personal Lavatory System with NEMO Helio Shower comes with a privacy shelter, the award-winning NEMO Helio Shower, a commode with a full-sized seat, and supply of portable waste bags.

The commode is the height of a regular toilet, making it comfortable to use. It’s much more sanitary than a port-a-potty because you’re not squatting on a toilet that’s sitting above a holding tank filled with gallons with sewage. When you line the commode with an RS2 wag bag, you have peace of mind that your waste is being converted into a deodorized gel safe enough to be thrown away in a regular trash can.

You can do your business in the privacy of a pop-up tent that locks from the inside; you never have to worry about someone from the outside zipping it open and exposing you. And with your own shower, there’s no worrying about getting a fungal infection which is commonly picked up in communal showers.

To make your campground feel like home at Electric Forest, checkout our portable Waste Bags, Commodes, Privacy Shelters, and NEMO Helio Shower.