Firefly offers an “immersive camping experience” with The Great Atlantic Campout. It takes place at The Woodlands where you’ll find various camping options from glamping to tents and RV hook-ups.

Whichever camping experience you choose, you’ll find that while there are plenty of amenities and facilities available to you, it’s still best to come prepared and pack your luxuries. While music festival organizers entice concert attendees with loads of activities and facilities like showers, changing rooms, lounges, and porta-potties, the problem is accessibility.

Firefly remains the most prominent outdoor festival in the Northeast with attendance numbers that soar to between 60,000 and 90,000. While Firefly provides adequate porta-potties and plenty of toilet paper, the fact remains that the porta-potties are still outhouses used by hundreds, if not thousands, throughout the festival.

Festival Porta-Potties vs. Portable Lavatory Systems

Anyone who’s been to a music festival or concert knows that pora-potties are the worst. If you’re standing in line under the sun’s heat, imagine how the sewage in the porta-potty holding tanks is probably stewing.

By bringing your own personal bathroom, there’s no need to battle it out with all the other attendees who need to use facilities. No need to stumble around in the dark at 3 am and make the long walk from your tent to use the bathroom.

With the Restop Portable Lavatory System, you will have a privacy tent, portable commode, and supply of Waste Bags. Waste Bag is an industry standard term that stands for ‘Waste Alleviation and Gelling’ Bag. The RS2 is the Restop Waste Bag designed to handle liquid and solid wastes, converting them into a gel. Because the waste bags are non-toxic, they’re safe to throw away in any regular trash can on the concert grounds.

For your comfort, the Commode is the height of a regular toilet and comes with a flexible seat. Because it comes with a lid, you can quickly put it aside, and the privacy tent can be for changing clothes.

If the lines are long at the porta-potties, imagine how long they are at the showers. Level up your Restop Portable Lavatory System with the NEMO Helio Shower; it is an award-winning portable shower with a 2.9-gallon capacity. It’s ideal for helping you wash away the day’s sand, sweat, and grime from a full day of music fest dancing and activities.

You can set up the privacy tent right next to your sleeping tent. You don’t have to worry about the smell because the Waste Bags contain a unique blend of polymers and enzymes that work to convert the waste into a deodorized gel.

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