When packing for a fishing trip, we tend to only focus on the basics: what to eat, drink, and what fishing supplies you’ll bring. But, what about the things you don’t plan for that will inevitably happen given the amount of time you plan to spend enjoying the outdoors? Like going to the bathroom, for example. And at some point, we all need to go.

The Leave No Trace movement offers best practices for everyone who needs to pee or poop in the backcountry, like making sure you’re at least 200 feet or 70 adult steps away from trails, camps, and water sources. Fail to walk out the recommended distance, and you risk contaminating water sources, such as the very lake or river where you plan to catch fish.

Once you’ve reached an acceptable distance, remember that you can’t just pee or poop openly on the ground.

Waste Bags for Your Best Fishing Adventures 

There’s a better solution to relieving yourself than using the wilderness as your porta-potty that doesn’t include risking contaminating the water you are going to source from.

Waste Bags use specialized gelling technology to create unique waste alleviating solution. It’s also a bathroom solution that Leave No Trace practices. RESTOP waste bags allow you to lessen your impact on the environment by giving you a sanitary, convenient, and portable means to pack out your wastes.

The RESTOP RS1 is a portable waste bag designed to handle urine; it can hold a full 20 oz of liquid waste. The RS2 handles both liquid and solid waste. Both RS1 and RS2 contain a special blend of polymers and enzymes that break down wastes and convert them into a deodorized gel. RESTOP waste bags are odor-free, puncture-resistant, spill-proof, and landfill-safe, which makes them safe to throw away in any regular trash can.

If you’re on an overnight fishing trip, it would be beneficial to pack a portable lavatory system with shower. The RESTOP Portable Lavatory System with a NEMO Helio Shower comes with a pop-up privacy tent, a commode with a full-sized flexible toilet seat, a supply of waste bags, and the award-winning NEMO Helio Shower.

The NEMO Helio Shower is perfect for cleaning up after a full day in the sun catching fish. Unlike gravity camp showers that produce dismal water pressure, the Helio provides enough pressure to rinse yourself off and wash your gear.

Whether you’re hiking, camping, fishing, or kayaking in our national parks, Restop waste bags will save the day when you feel the need to relieve yourself. They can be disposed of in any trash receptacle, causing no harm to the natural environment!

Not sure if you’re ready to commit? Believe it’s too good to be true? Order a free sample today to try at home or on your next mini-adventure!

The next time you plan a fishing trip, remember to anticipate more than just hunger and thirst. To learn more about how Restop products can help you prepare for a memorable fishing adventure, check out our waste bags and portable lavatory systems