It’s possible to still have good hygiene amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has created the need for social distancing and self-quarantine in order to prevent infecting those around us. However, for those who live in an RV or van and depend on parks and sites with waste disposal capabilities and/or public toilets, the coronavirus is causing quite a few issues. Many of the facilities face closure as the number of reported cases continues to rise by the thousands. Fortunately, it is possible to maintain healthy bathroom habits even in these uncertain times when you turn to RESTOP compostable waste bags.

Compostable Waste Bags for Your Toilet

If your RV or van has a toilet, you do not have to give up the comfort of doing your business simply because facilities are not open to the public. You can still use your toilet when you use our waste bags. Setting up a bag is simple! Just place the bag over your toilet seat and go as you normally do. We offer both liquid waste bags and solid waste bags to ensure you can go when nature calls. Be sure to stock up on disposable hand wipes if you cannot find a way to hook up to water during this time.

Waste Bag Containment System for Your Commode

Not all RVs or vans have toilets, but that doesn’t mean you should have to hold it. If you can’t find a facility with public restrooms during the coronavirus, we offer disposable toilet options that can meet your needs. Even when the coronavirus pandemic is over, you can still use our RESTOP waste management bags to enjoy the go wherever you are in your journey.

We offer a commode that can act as your portable toilet. However, rather than having to rinse out the waste, you can use our commode bags to capture and easily dispose of your waste. To help you find more comfort while using a commode, we offer a cushion that perfectly fits. Better still, we even have a toilet lid to provide additional comfort and peace of mind. With this accessory, your commode can look and feel like a real toilet!

Benefits of Our Environmentally Safe Products

One of the greatest attributes of RESTOP products is the ability to be comfortable relieving yourself anywhere you go without having to worry about finding a public facility. However, we believe in providing out customers with more than just one benefit. You can expect the following benefits when you turn to RESTOP waste bag containment system products:

  • Easy to use for all ages
  • Approved by landfills throughout the United States
  • Sanitary restroom option
  • Helps avoid health issues associated with waiting too long or holding it
  • Prevents damage to the environment
  • 100% compostable waste bags
  • Supports America and its workforce

When it comes to answering nature’s call, you shouldn’t have to worry about when and where you can do it. Our products were designed for all travelers, including those who live and travel in their RV or van. We want you to remain healthy and hygienic throughout the coronavirus pandemic and once it is over. By trusting in our waste bag containment system, you will never have to worry about finding a waste disposal or public facility again. Whether you turn to our commode or use our solid and liquid waste bags on your own toilet, you can rest assured you will always enjoy the go.

Stock up on environmentally safe products and disposable hand wipes now by visiting a retailer or ordering online to maintain your health during this pandemic.