Self-contained disposable toilets provide safe, clean solutions to prevent fecal-oral transmission of deadly diseases.

ESCONDIDO, Calif., – Hepatitis A outbreaks in San Diego, Los Angeles and other parts of California – caused by the spread of the virus from feces to mouth – are unprecedented. With more than half of the cases occurring among the homeless, who do not have access to bathroom facilities with sinks to wash their hands after use, an individual infected with the virus can easily transmit it to others through touch. To prevent the spread of hepatitis A, one of the steps government officials are emphasizing is sanitation, and Restop ( disposable toilets provide sanitary solutions for human feces that can be safely disposed of in garbage receptacles.

Restop products are also being utilized in Houston, Texas, and throughout areas of Florida impacted by the recent hurricanes, where necrotizing fasciitis, more commonly referred to as the flesh-eating bacteria, has been spreading. Affected individuals have been exposed to the fecal bacteria, which can be spread through floodwaters contaminated with sewage and enter the body through cuts in the skin’s surface. Travel toilets such as those from Restop can reduce the accumulation of human waste by providing for its proper collection and disposal.

“Communities affected by outbreaks of potentially deadly illnesses need every opportunity to reduce the risk of transmission,” said Restop’s President and COO Jim Goode. “Restop products can help prevent the spread of infectious viruses and bacteria by providing access to hygienic facilities that contain human waste as well as antimicrobial wipes for cleaning hands after use. The disposable toilets can then be placed in trash receptacles for safe disposal in landfills.”

To help impacted areas, Restop, a Southern California manufacturer, is providing government officials with product samples, including:
• RS1 liquid waste bags that hold up to 20 ounces of urine yet are small enough to fit into a pocket, glove compartment or backpack.
• RS2 solid and liquid waste bags, which feature a “bag within a bag” design to contain and neutralize both liquid and solid waste.

Toilet paper and antimicrobial wipes are included with both options. Both RS1 and RS2 bags are inexpensive, small enough to conveniently carry, and easy to distribute to populations at meal sites, health stations and shelters. Government officials interested in receiving product samples should contact

To assist affected communities in California as well as areas impacted by the recent hurricanes, Restop is offering 20 percent off purchases in the Continental United States through its website at Restop products are also available at retailers throughout the country (see for a current list) and at some national parks. For more information about Restop solutions, visit

About Restop
Restop is a division of American Innotek, a privately held company. Restop specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative, portable human waste disposal products. Its ISO-certified manufacturing facility is located in Southern California. For more information about Restop solutions, visit