Tent’s woodland camo pattern option affords enhanced concealment.

OCEANSIDE, Calif.,  – RESTOP has enhanced its classic privacy shelter with a new woodland camouflage option that breaks up the tent’s profile so that it blends in perfectly with outdoor environments. From a distance, the subtle, realistic pattern offers optimum concealment. Nearly invisible, the camo tent increases an outdoors person’s stealth, immersion in nature and survival.

Designed to be used with the portable RESTOP Commode, the camouflage privacy shelter is a sturdy, collapsible shelter with a lockable zipper and opaque camo material for complete privacy, even in sunlight. It folds into a convenient shoulder carrying case in matching camo pattern for reduced visibility when transporting the tent. Other product features include:

  • Lightweight at just seven pounds
  • Eight pins and four guidelines keep the tent secured
  • Quick connect joints offer easy set up and breakdown

Sales Manager Lou Ortego explained, “Our portable toilet solutions are intended to lessen the impact on nature by reducing human waste pollution. The camo tent is another way for adventurers to decrease their effect on the environment by enabling them to blend in so they’re indistinguishable from their surroundings. Not only does the new pattern lessen the impact on wildlife, it also affords greater safety for users by reducing unwanted attention from predators and curious animals.”

RESTOP is currently offering free shipping on all orders to the continental United States and 10 percent using the promo code TryRestop. The products are available for purchase through its website at bwww.Restop.com, at retailers throughout the country (see www.restop.com/retailers for a current list) and at some national parks. For more information about RESTOP solutions, visit  www.Restop.com.

About Restop
Restop is a division of American Innotek, a privately held company. Restop specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative, portable human waste disposal products. Its ISO-certified manufacturing facility is located in Southern California. For more information about Restop solutions, visit www.Restop.com.