If you’ve ever gone camping or backpacking, you know how challenging it is to relieve yourself when there is no bathroom available for miles. And if you’ve ever driven cross country or traveled somewhere new, you know that not all accessible restrooms are going to be as clean as the one as you have at home.

Portable Waste Bags offer a convenient, sanitary, and responsible solution when there is no available or acceptable toilet for miles around.

What Is a Portable Waste Bag?

In the absence of a running toilet, the components of a Waste Bag provide a sanitary way to alleviate yourself and dispose of your waste. The goal of the device is to provide a convenient, dry toilet system that also gives you the means to carry the bag safely until you can dispose of it appropriately.

Restop portable waste bags are made with a double bag feature. Each bag is constructed of high-quality materials that make them puncture-resistant. The inner bag contains a gelling powder. When urine comes into contact with the gelling powder, it immediately solidifies the liquid waste and converts it into a gel. For solid waste, first activate the gelling powder with urine or another liquid (like water) and it will encapsulate the waste, breaking it down with a decay catalyst. The gelling powder’s enzymes not only transform the waste, but it also deodorizes and controls odor.

Due to Restop’s waste bag’s heavy-gauge two-bag system, you can easily and safely transport the contained waste until you find a trash can and properly dispose it.

How Do I Use a Restop Waste Bag?

Restop waste bags come in convenient packaging that makes it easy to carry and store them anywhere. In situations when there is no accessible bathroom or you prefer not to use the toilet that is available for whatever reason, our waste bags offer a convenient and sanitary solution.

When you are ready to use a waste bag, the first step is to find a private spot. Open the waste bag along the perforated line. Secure the bag’s strings around your hips, squat, and capture your waste in the bag. You can also prop up the bag with a rock or twigs on the ground, squat, and aim for the center of the opened bag. Alternatively, you can use the bag to line a bucket (such as the Restop Portable Commode) and then you can sit on it as you would a toilet.

When done, use the draw straps to lift and cinch the bag closed. Slide the liner closed and firmly seal the snap top or ziplock closure. Because our waste bags are landfill safe, you can then throw them in any trash receptacle.

If you’re miles from a trash can, you can carry the Restop waste bag with you and safely pack it with the rest of your stuff. Our bags are designed to be puncture-resistant and odorless. You can rest easy knowing the powder has already turned the wastes into a gel, there’s no mess or spillage to worry about.

Not sure if you’re ready to commit? Believe it’s too good to be true? Order a free sample today to try at home or on your next mini-adventure!

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