The revolting smell inside the concert ground porta-potty should be the least of your concerns. While it’s enough to make your stomach turn and gag, it’s what you don’t smell and see that you should worry about most.

Just by touching the door handle or plopping your bag on the floor, you contaminate your hands or your things with bacteria and infectious viruses that could make you very sick for days or months. That means you’re still on a high and haven’t even fully recovered from all the fun you had at the concert when you realize you left with more than memories and overly priced band merchandise.

Porta-Potty vs. Portable Commode

When you pack the Restop Personal Lavatory System in your car with the rest of your emergency essentials, you can leave your bathroom worries behind. Unlike the porta-potty, your portable commode won’t be a hotbed for germs and disease.

The Personal Lavatory System includes a privacy shelter, commode, 5 RS1s liquid waste bags and 10 RS2 for solid & liquid waste. That’s enough waste bags to last four people for 72 hours, making it ideal for you and your friends at music festivals that last for days.

When you go in a porta-potty, you’re releasing your wastes into a toilet that sits on top of a giant bin that can typically hold 60-70 gallons of sewage. Porta-potties aren’t usually serviced until they’re close to overflowing. That means you willingly enter a small, closed space that stands directly above a giant bucket full of other people’s feces.

With your portable commode and privacy tent, you’d be peeing or pooping in a patented gas-impervious “bag within a bag” that contains polymers and enzymes that break down wastes and convert them into a deodorized gel. Each bag even comes with toilet paper and moist antimicrobial wipes, ensuring anyone who uses your commodes doesn’t contaminate it with bacteria and fecal residue. Throw the used wipes in the bag when you’re done and seal the bag shut. Because all Restop products use nontoxic materials, they’re safe enough to throw away in any regular trash can.

Another perk of owning the Restop Personal Lavatory System and never leaving for a music festival or outdoor concert without it is having a privacy tent you can use for all your outfit changes.

Don’t leave to your next camping festival without our Waste Bags and Portable Commode.