Planning a music festival is more than booking great talent, securing the best venue, and collaborating with the influencers and celebrities who are going to excite the event all over social media. There’s the less glamorous aspect of music festivals, and it involves waste management.

To accommodate approximately 5,000 people a day, you would need to rent about 34 porta-potties. Porta-potties with a sink, soap dispenser, hand sanitizer, and handicap railing can cost as much as $295 a day while deluxe portable toilets come with a whopping $795 per weekend price tag.

If the standard portable toilet rental costs between $175-$225 per day, you’re looking at $7,650 a day at most to meet the bathroom needs of all the people in attendance. Multiply that price by the number of days the music festival will run, and that’s potentially tens of thousands of dollars of your budget dedicated to porta-potty rental.

However, other factors ultimately determine the overall costs of your porta-potty rental. Because transport and servicing needs are taken into consideration when calculating the final price, expect the costs to balloon if your music festival is in a remote location such as the desert.

Portable Lavatory Systems and Waste Bags vs. Porta-Potties

The majority of concertgoers agree that the worst part of any music festival experience is having no choice but to use a porta-potty. They’re putrid and revolting. The knowledge that you’re standing directly above gallons of other people’s wastes is enough to make you gag. You’re afraid to touch anything because you fear you might contaminate your hands with bacteria or viruses that cause salmonella, norovirus, shigellosis, and hepatitis A.

As a concert organizer, you’d be ensuring public health and safety by replacing porta-potties with portable lavatory systems instead. The Restop Personal Lavatory System includes privacy shelter, commode, and wag bags for solid & liquid waste.

Restop’s Portable Waste Bags are a safe and sanitary alternative to porta-potties. Each bag comes with ample toilet paper and antimicrobial wipes. Because the polymers and enzymes that break down the waste and convert them into a deodorized gel are made of non-toxic materials, the bags are land-fill safe and can be thrown away in a regular trash can.

Just like the porta-potty, portable lavatory systems can be placed anywhere there’s a level surface. But because they come in smaller packages, they’re much easier to transport and set up. The privacy tents pop up like most regular camping tents while the commodes are the size of a standard bucket. For comfort, it comes with a full-size flexible toilet seat.

The Restop Personal Lavatory System only costs $230 while the Restop 2 Solid & Liquid Waste Bag costs $3.40 each. Only a fraction of people attending music festivals use the bathrooms; the wag bags can be given out on an as-needed basis.

One of the biggest benefits of using a wag bag system is promoting that you are an environmentally-conscious organizer. Good eco-friendly practices attract support from not just the fans but sponsors who are also keen on lowering their impact on the environment.

To learn more about how Restop are cleaner and more sustainable compared to port-a-potties, checkout our Waste Bags, Portable Toilets, Privacy Shelter, & Shower.