Each year,  Hangout Music Festival attracts the biggest headliners like Cardi B., Khalid, and The Lumineers. But that’s not all the Hangout Music Fest has to offer; there’s a Ferris wheel, a roller disco, a spa, beach volleyball, and so much more.

If you’re a musical festival rookie and headed to the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama this weekend, prepare to discover that live music is just half of the experience. Camping out with your friends at the concert campgrounds or a campsite nearby is what truly makes the whole music festival experience complete.

There’s no camping out at the Hangout Fest grounds; however, Gulf State Park Campground is right down the shore. While it boasts a ton of amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, and Wi-Fi, the bathroom facilities are described as “rustic.”

Because one can only imagine the state of the available restrooms, particularly during a music festival where there are thousands in attendance, it’s always best to bring a solution that’s guaranteed to be safe and sanitary.

How a Privacy Tent and Commode Enhances the Music Festival Experience

There’s no need to wait in long lines with the rest of the concert-goers when you bring a privacy tent and portable commode to a music festival campout.

With the Restop Personal Lavatory System, it’s like carrying your own portable restroom stall, without the weight or the wait. The Personal Lavatory System comes with a privacy shelter, commode, and Waste bags. Our Waste Bags utilize ‘Waste Alleviation and Gelling’ technology to make sure your pee and poop remains odorless and can be thrown away in any trash can.

The RS2 is the Restop Waste Bag that uses a patented gas-impervious “bag within a bag” design to safely contain and neutralize both solid and liquid waste. The waste bags contain polymers and enzymes that convert the waste into a deodorized gel. Each waste bag even comes with toilet paper and antimicrobial wipe. Because the bag is puncture-resistant, you don’t have to worry about spills or leaks as long as you seal it properly.

For your comfort, the commode is the height of a standard toilet and comes with a full-size flexible toilet seat. The Privacy Shelter is a sturdy, collapsible shelter complete with 8 – tent pins and 4 – guidelines. Thanks to its quick-connect joints, set up, and breakdown is quick and easy. For ultimate privacy, the lockable zipper operates from the inside; you don’t have to worry about any jokesters suddenly unzipping the tent from the outside and exposing you.

Because all Brief Relief Waste Bags are non-toxic and landfill-safe, you can throw them away at the campground’s and festival’s designated trash bins.

Restop also offers a Personal Lavatory System that comes with the award-winning NEMO Helio Shower. It’s perfect for washing away the dust and grime from dancing all day.

To learn more about how Restop can help ensure you have the best music festival experience possible, checkout our Waste Bags, Portable Toilets, Privacy Shelter, & Shower.